Stuff that happened in 2013 – Part 1


Started the year drinking Wild Turkey out of a Starbucks cup in Yonge and Dundas Square – Moved into my apartment #2 in Halifax – Started dating a sweet derby referee –    My cat Neils Bohr’s health began to decline and he started to get aggressive – Played the best game of my derby career at Winter Warpath in Moncton, playing on a team with Team Canada’s captain, named unofficial MVP by a skater I’ve always admired – Skated in my first coed scrimmage, told a referee to suck it –


A coffee date with a teammate I didn’t know turned into a beautiful friendship full of angry Scottish slang – Screamed with joy when Richard III’s remains were found – Went to the PC Party of Nova Scotia’s AGM for the free booze, met Peter McKay and then made some really bad and not very conservative decisions – Broke a world record with Bell Aliant on Let’s Talk Day – The SMU Women’s Centre won the decision to have our levy renewed – Spent 10 days in Saint John for my Spring Break – The 6 year anniversary of my Mom passing away – Failed an exam for the first time ever – My cat Neils was put down – Diagnosed with depression –


Got a new calf tattoo – Became co-captain of Las Bandidas Locas – Reached the halfway point of my degree – Accepted to the Forensic Science diploma program – Sustained a head/neck injury in practice that would eventually end my derby season – Diagnosed with anxiety – Had the most amazing and chaotic Saint Patrick’s Day – Was kidnapped and taken as Bria’s date to Masqueerade – Threw a big Easter brunch party –  Cooked a giant Easter ham for the first time ever – Went through a shitty breakup –


Finished a month of intense physiotherapy that had me learn to use my shoulders again – Started seeing a rapper – Had to google whether gold teeth were a pirate thing – Watched 30 Rock in its entirity – Started my stint on the SMU Women’s Centre board of directors – Successfully held crow pose for the first time since my first shoulder injuries in 2011 – Did my first radio interview with Nukey on 95.7 to plug HRDA’s home opener – 


My new roommate from France moved in – Accepted to crime scene processing field school – Played my game as Bandidas captain, breaking my foot in the process – Went to trivia at the Loose Cannon for the first time, where I’d end up spending countless hours – Went to the first derby wine/cheese party – Took my shirt off at Reflections with my derby sisters and danced ‘til 3 AM – Minnesota senate passes the freedom to marry – Went to an Aidan Knight show and it accidentally turned into a date with an engineer – Was pulled over by a really great Mountie while having a nosebleed all over Denice’s car – Made the Harbour Grudges, HRDA’s all star team – Studied for exams on the patio at the Loose Cannon – Mourned the death of Party, my bff Amanda’s dog – Made really good decisions at The Coast’s 20th anniversary party –


Took Matt Kennedy out for his 19th birthday to Loose Cannon trivia, where he got to ring the bell – Bria moved back to Halifax – Went to Slay of Fundy roller derby regionals in Saint John, where I only skated about 10 jams and had an anxious on-track meltdown that ended my season – Jumped the apex – Went to the first meeting of the Halifax Ladies Beer League – I finally got to ring the bell at the Cannon, after weeks of whining about it – Worked at NSLC for a promotional company slinging a wine called “4 Skins,” losing my dignity in the process – Played in the water at Lawrencetown in the evening, sat in a soaked dress at the Cannon all night – 


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